WarpSQL BETA 2 based on 8.0.21 now available for testing

I have been working very hard on WarpSQL beta 2, since announcing the first beta in July. It has been just over 60 days since beta 1 was released, and beta 2 has a whole slew of improvements and bug fixes, and a few things were removed that will be added back into later releases.Continue reading “WarpSQL BETA 2 based on 8.0.21 now available for testing”


Introduction to the WARP storage engine.

WarpSQL currently ships a beta release of the WARP storage engine. The WARP storage engine is based on Fastbit, which is a column store with word aligned hybrid compressed bitmap indexes. WARP storage engine is an acronym for word-aligned relational partitioned storage engine. Fastbit is a mature database technology which has been used in areasContinue reading “Introduction to the WARP storage engine.”