WarpSQL Server

WarpSQL is a MySQL distribution that is focused on OLAP performance. It is not a goal of WarpSQL to be a fork of MySQL, but instead a set of modules which leverage the pluggable features of MySQL 8 to provide improved OLAP performance.

WarpSQL currently ships the beta release of the WARP storage engine. The WARP storage engine is a column store with word aligned hybrid compressed bitmap indexes. WARP storage engine is an acronym for word-aligned relational partitioned storage engine. WARP is based on the Fastbit NoSQL database library. Fastbit is a mature database technology which has been used in areas such as particle physics and grid computing.

The WARP storage engine automatically indexes tables to match the queries executed against WARP storage engine backed tables.

WarpSQL binaries may be obtained from GitHub, or you can compile WarpSQL from source.

The latest binary release (beta 2) is available here: https://github.com/greenlion/warp/releases/tag/v8.0.21-1.0.2-beta

You may find the server source here: https://github.com/greenlion/warp

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